Expression through clothing and fashion is a crucial part of identity. Transgender and gender non conforming (gnc) people should have a resource that is safe and accessible, giving them the means to express themselves in a way that fits how they identify. The goal is for trans and gnc people to feel welcomed and safe in a type of space that often excludes and others them, while also shedding light on a subject most cisgender people tend to be unaware of. The ease a cis person experiences when entering a clothing store branded toward their gender is the same type of ease trans and gnc people should feel when being in this space.
Ves is a proposal for an organization that uses a repurposed city bus as a free, traveling clothing closet for trans and gnc people. It includes interactive web prototypes for both desktop and mobile, social media marketing materials, and promotional QR code stickers that link to the mobile website.
The process
Early on wire frames in a rough brainstorm stage next to a written out "site map" of all digital and printed assets.
Digital wire frames expanding on the previous rough set. This specifically shows the layout of the home page and how the map page would work when getting directions.
Early stages of building the frames in Figma and seeing how they'd appear with brand colors.
Site maps more accurate to the way the website/web app ended up functioning.
Early Wire frame of the home screen, more accurate to the final product, moving out of heavily restricted boxes.
Implementing a deeper brand and name meaning. Although "ves-" is the root of vestments and vessel, relating to clothing and a space, "-ves" is also also the ending to many words that relate to the values and goals of Ves.
The Outcome
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