Starting in 2014, Boy Jr. has become an ever-evolving audiovisual experience. Primarily, Boy Jr. is a one-person band, fulfilling roles of a songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and performer. Their sound meshes several genres, with strong influences from garage rock and electro-pop.
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Playing into the circle and lines trope of the logo, this era was rooted in color and shape—as if to be snapshots of an abstract, geometric music visualizer.

Keeping a similar colorful disposition, this era expands into representing the person behind the music. Overall, there's a greater sense of tangibility. A balance of new (photography, texture, typefaces) and familiar (colors, shapes) reflects the direction the music itself was taking.
Photography by Teagan West

Moving into the next era, there's still a strong focus on showing the person behind the music (like in era 2), but the rest of the graphics take on the music visualizer concept (like in era 1). The person and visualizations begin to blend and interact. Things have become more three dimensional.
Photography by Krit Upra
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