How can "sorta glamorous, arm flailing garage pop" be visualized? Boy Jr. started with more connection to DIY basement shows and liberal arts colleges. There was not much of a solidified brand. The sound and persona of Boy Jr. was becoming something more substantial but the visual aspects were not there yet. Create a brand for the person behind Boy Jr., the evolving sound of their music, that can stand apart from other bands with a similar audience.
The music is very detailed, layered, and morphs many genres. Visual aesthetics from past eras have become trendy, but Boy Jr. is meant to put a twist to the latest trend and be a step ahead before the next trend comes up.
Avenir Black in all caps, lines, circles, and wavy organic shapes, act as a base for the brand. This allows for variations with more detail and layers to come out of it; similar to the music itself. Boy Jr. is meant to be recognizable, so having a simple, structured logo can spark one's memory, but having more involved graphics can spark one's interest.
Photography by Teagn West
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